A Peek at Revelation Online

A Peek at Revelation Online

In the never ending quest for new online games to play with friends, our group recently decided to try out Revelation Online. At first glance, this appeared to be another Blade and Soul, one of the control schemes even mentions that it’s suitable for those familiar with it. Fortunately, it too has no monthly fee, just an upfront purchase. There are three packs available currently, the cheapest being $17.99. The higher tier packages just come with in-game items…I was highly tempted to buy the highest tier package just for the cat mount..

The highly tempting cat mount in the highest tier founder's pack.
The extremely tempting cat mount in the highest tier founder’s pack.

That aside, we all started playing for eighteen bucks. The download was pretty short on a fiber optic connection, but older connections may understandably take a couple hours to download around 18GB[?]. The graphics are about what you’d expect from an MMO, and everything has its own creative touch. So far the combat feels akin to B&S, but that could be because I made a Blademaster. All of the classes can be found here; furthermore, you can also read about additional features such as the social construct which is heavily unique, PvP information, and the other MMO essentials. The six classes seem to cover a wide array of play styles and roles. I will be testing out more than one class for sure.

The six currently available classes to choose from. You’ll more than likely end up trying out more than one.

The biggest pitfall? A lot of parts in the game are in Chinese or Russian still. This wasn’t acknowledged out in the open in an easily accessible place on their site. This makes figuring out item details a chore at times. Communicating the process to do something in-game to a friend boils down to, “click the option that looks like a man raising his hands followed by a table with 3 books on it.” Yeah, it’s funny, but sometimes frustrating. Especially when I don’t know what a consumable item does. Fortunately, most important consumables that you are given are translated at the current time.

My initial impressions are looking bright; we will see how it unfolds as I progress. The play style really made me want to keep at it. Grinding did not feel like grinding due to the combat mechanics and quick rewards. Very few may actually make this mental link, but I felt an almost Maplestory-esque sense of reward from the voluntary grinding that I did. The game rewards you with points for watching through the cutscenes, and rewards playtime with loot at very short intervals. It definitely has the science of work / reward down pat.

I will post another article in the coming days with an updated opinion after more playtime.

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