The Difficulty of Working in an Office

The Difficulty of Working in an Office

Working in an office feels like the equivalency of smashing a library and a somewhat popular bar at 5 o’clock together. You want to participate in the conversations that people are having; however, at the same time you want to wring them out for droning on while you’re attempting to focus. Looming deadlines force you to utilize every ounce of focus that you have left, lest you be labeled useless or lazy.

Sure, some people have free time between calls but they don’t realize that other people are not in their “free time” period like them. Not everyone takes calls either. As a software engineer, it’s incredibly crucial to focus while determining where bugs are in the code, or developing the flow for a new feature. Have you ever tried to remember several numeric groups in order while someone annoyingly said other numbers out loud? Try counting backwards from 50 while someone throws out other similar numbers. That’s the frustration of working in a fucking office. You want to rail the dude(tte) in the face for trying to screw you up, but you can’t even be mad because it’s his or her job to be shouting the similar numbers.

For fuck’s sake, if you want to be a productive coder, you need a separate environment. A quiet one conducive to working on complicated, puzzle like materials. The problem is you’ll have a harder time convincing your accounting department of this restructure than convincing them that mandatory butt plugs for all employees will repay itself in one year.

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